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Fieldfare News December, 2019: New Birding Accessories!
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All-Weather Birder's Field Notebook
Keep track of your Bird Sightings in All Weather conditions. Use a Rite in the Rain Pen or regular pencil on this special paper
All-Weather Pen
All-Weather Pen - Writes at any angle in all weather conditions - even underwater.

All-Weather Pocket Journal
A 4 x 6 lined pad of All-Weather Writing Paper to keep in your pocket!

Bird Watcher's $7.95

All-Weather Pen $8.95

Pocket Journal $7.95

Birder's Life List & Diary
From Cornell Labratory of Ornithology, this notebook is designed to let you keep track of every species you have seen.
Out of Stock
Birder's Journal
Here is a soft cover notebook to keep your sightings- limited quantity available
Out of Stock

Exploring the Nature Around You

The First in the Catbird Series of DVD's

by Greg Dodge


Nature is everywhere. Unfortunately, many of us take little or no notice of what's going on around us on a daily basis. Exploring The Nature Around You will help introduce you to some of the routine yet often unnoticed goings on of some of our common-and not so common-plants, insects, birds, and other animals.

In This Volume:
Spring Forth and Multiply! Have you ever heard the early spring chorus of frogs and toads? We take a look at some of our early breeding amphibians.

River Walk - Rivers can be great places to visit. River Walk takes us on a hike to have a look at some of the creatures found in and around small woodland rivers and streams.

Field Trip: Meadows, Fields, and Pastures - Have you ever explored a meadow, a field, or a pasture? You'll be surprised at all the creatures that use these habitats.

Bees and Wasps - What's the name of that bee hovering around the wood pile? that wasp building a nest on the chimney? In Bees and Wasps we take a close look at some common bees and wasps.

What's going on in YOUR backyard? - You don't have to travel far to observe nature-it's as close as your own backyard!

As a bonus this DVD includes a serene look at the color RED found in the nature around us and the never ending battle that Birds have to keep up their appearances.

$16.95 Plus S & H

Hawk Watch: A Video Guide to Eastern Raptors-DVD

by Greg Dodge and Richard K. Walton

New DVD Version

  • Remastered and Revised for DVD
  • New Footage
  • Menu Driven Format
  • New Slide Show Quiz

This unique video provides the perfect introduction to hawk identification. Whether a kettle of soaring Broad-winged Hawks, a ridge-topping Golden Eagle, a stooping Peregrine Falcon, or even the local Red-tailed Hawk cruising the neighborhood, hawks in flight present an exciting challenge to both beginning and expert birders. Now, with the help of this video, you can learn the basics of hawk identification. Excellent videography and instructional narrative are combined here to provide an efficient method for learning the hawks. While raptor afficionados may spend a lifetime perfecting their identification skills, this is the place to start!

Brownbag Productions is pleased to announce Hawk Watch-DVD. This revised and updated edition is now available in digital DVD format. We are enthusiastic about the new format - the digital presentation results in a much higher resolution and we've added new footage for many of the species. The menu-driven format allows you to view the whole presentation or only the group of hawks you wish to study. Go directly to the Buteos or directly to the Accipiters without having to fast forward or rewind. There is also a new "Slide Show" quiz for those of you who like a challenge.

What some Birders have to say about "Hawk Watch"
The next best thing to being there.
-Pete Dunne, Director, Cape May Bird Observatory
A great aid to identification!
-Jeff Dodge, former editor, HMANA
A valuable learning tool.
-Laurie Goodrich, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary
SORRY- This DVD is not available at this time, June 2010

Shorebirds: A Guide to Shorebirds of Eastern North America-DVD

by Greg Dodge and Richard K. Walton

New DVD Version

  • Remastered and Revised for DVD
  • New Footage
  • Menu Driven Format
  • New Slide Show Quiz

Shorebird identification presents an exciting challenge to all birders and this comprehensive DVD provides a unique opportunity to observe and learn about these fascinating birds. From inland lakeshores to coastal beaches and bays, "Shorebirds" takes you on educational and entertaining excursion as you learn the basics of shorebird identification.

Videographers Walton and Dodge journeyed to a variety of shorebird hotspots throughout North America to capture the original digital video. Included is footage from coastal Maine, Parker River NWR (MA), Reeds Beach and Cape May Point (NJ), Cape Hatteras NS (NC), the Florida Keys - Marco Island - Sanibel Island (FL), Laguna Atascosa and South Padre Island (TX), various sites in the Great Lakes Region and the Mississippi River Valley as well as coastal California, and the Salton Sea. Now you can learn the Shorebirds. Thirty-eight species are included.

Brownbag Productions is pleased to announce Shorebirds-DVD. This revised and updated edition is now available in digital DVD format. We are enthusiastic about the new format - the digital presentation results in a much higher resolution and we've added quite a bit of new footage for many of the species. The menu-driven format allows you to view the whole presentation or to go directly to a specific shorebird you wish to view. There is also a new "Slide Show" quiz for those of you who like a challenge.

What some Birders have to say about "Shorebirds"
Shorebirds is a great learning tool. - John Acorn, the "Nature Nut" Like being in the field with a very helpful tutor . . .(it) greatly simplifies shorebird identification . . . if you want to hone your shorebird ID skills, get this video. - Bill Thompson, III, Editor, Bird Watcher' s Digest
Some of the best original digital footage we've seen. - American Birding Association, Winging It

$19.95 Plus S & H

Common Butterflies and Skippers of Eastern North America - DVD

Discover the World of Butterflies...

A New DVD for Butterfly Watchers! May 2004

  • Swallowtails,
  • Sulphurs,
  • Hairstreaks,
  • Fritillaries,
  • Satyrs and
  • Skippers . . .
  • Also…Learn about Monarchs and their migration!

Eastern butterflies and skippers are diverse and beautiful and this DVD provides the perfect introduction to these colorful insects. Close-up videography and an educational narrative are combined here to introduce you to 70 common butterflies. Learn these and you will easily recognize most of the butterflies in your backyard as well as in local fields and meadows.

This DVD is geared toward both adults and children so both can share in the fascinating of the wonderful world of butterflies and butterfly watching. Now with the help of this DVD you too can learn the butterflies.

"The best introduction to Eastern butterflies."
Guy Tudor, President, New York City Butterfly Club.
"Highly recommended."Paul Opler,
Co-author, A Field Guide to Eastern Butterflies
"An outstanding introduction to Eastern butterflies and skippers."
Kenn Kaufman, Co-author, Butterflies of North America

$19.95 Plus S & H

Common Dragonflies and Damselflies of Eastern North America-DVD

by Richard K. Walton and Greg Dodge

A New DVD for Nature Lovers

Discover the World of Dragonflies . . .

Dragonflies and damselflies are everywhere. From backyard gardens to local ponds and wetlands to slow moving rivers and rushing mountain brooks these jewel-like insects carry on their fascinating and, yes, sometimes bizarre lives. Just awaiting your discovery, these diverse and beautiful flyers are easy to find and identify. Spectacular close-up footage along with an educational narrative is combined here in the perfect introduction to the dragonflies and damselflies of Eastern North America. Now with the help of this DVD you can learn about and appreciate an undiscovered world at your local pond.

Here's what the experts say about "Common Dragonflies and Damselflies of Eastern North America."

(Dragonflies are Odonata, those watching are Oders)"

"An excellent video with stunning, close-up videography. I heartily recommend it to people just starting to study these beautiful insects. . . .experienced oders will find much new and valuable information." -Nick Donnelly, Editor-Argia, journal of The Dragonfly Society of the Americas "A great introduction and supplement to field guides on identifying damselflies and dragonflies. The multiple close-up views of each species, and the side-by-side comparisons are especially illuminating. -Sidney W. Dunkle, Author-Dragonflies Through Binoculars

$19.95 Plus S & H

Nomad Adventure Journals for Bird Watchers

Nomad Journal's features include:
  • Logs that are printed on recycled materials using soy-based ink
  • They come in a durable, water-resistant, zippered case in Moss Green
  • The Nomad Log Case contains a penholder and a built-in bookmark for quick reference
  • Dimensions: Journal w/case: 6"x8"


The Bird Watcher's version of the increasingly popular Nomad Adventure Journals, are flip-top spiral bound logbooks with preprinted journal pages to let you keep track of your birding trips. The journal logs remind you to write down the useful information about your birding trips for future recollection and backtracking. Not only do the pages provide space for bird sightings, but for other things as well, notably: habitat, behavior observations, and weather conditions. Notes about your locations and fellow birding companions can be written down too. Nomad is an Eco-friendly company reviewed recently in Birder's World magazine. JUST BIRDING REFILLS AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME.

(FYI-the Logbook does not fit in the notepad holder of the Dunlin model Fieldfare Field Guide Cover)

Birdwatching Refill Pads $14.99 Plus S & H


This is the Original Audubon Bird Call- Out of Stock

Draw the birds in for a closer look with a bird call! Birds are curious animals and will sense a different noise to investigate. When you twist the inner metal center of the call against the birchwood barrel you can make a huge variety of sounds that mimic other birds. With practice you can even produce the calls of specific birds.

  • Hand made and individually tuned
  • Extra rosin powder is included for longtime calling



Nature Sound Recordings from Natural Sound
Just the simple beauty of nature sounds recorded without any music. Drift into a different
habitat while you play these recordings. Play the sounds of spring bird calls
in the middle of winter and brighten up your day-a Bird Watcher's acoustical therapy!

American Woodland 1
A recording of natural sounds from a moderately mature pine and hardwood forest-no music added!
American Woodland 2
This recording is from a mature mixed woodland-no music added!
American Woodland 3
Recorded from a successional Woodland at breeding time in May-no music added!

CD $12.00

CD $12.00

CD $12.00

Tape $8.00

Tape $8.00

Tape $8.00

Rainforest Dawn
The sounds of the Rainforest at Dawn-no music added!
Rainforest Dusk
The Rainforest sounds at Dusk-no music added!
November Waves
Help imagine yourself at the beach any time of year-no music added!

CD $12.00

CD $12.00

CD $12.00

Tape $8.00

Tape $8.00

Tape $8.00

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